My Fursonas

Archer the Red Panda

Archer is an energetic and soft red panda who is always happy to make new friends. Archer specializes in music production, often listening to or producing it. He undoubtedly enjoys being a DJ and partying. He enjoys the feeling of making people happy and invoking that dopamine rush in others. Archer has trouble staying on task and is impulsive and easily excited at times, constantly jumping between projects.

River the Fox

River is a chill fox who enjoys art, reading, and nature. She is relaxed, organized, and productive, with good organizational skills. She is always happy to make new friends.

Daisy the Akita

Daisy is an energetic Akita. She loves physical attention and is very touchy and soft. She loves to draw and play games.

Copper The Protolion

Copper Bio Coming Soon! (Protogen Lion (Nardoragon Pheonix))