My Music

My Newest Release!

This is my newest track which I just tossed together in Logic Pro in one day so I'm pretty happy with it, it could do with being longer and I might extend it in the future but for now I'm fairly happy with how it came out.

Back from the depths!

Tip Toe was an old project of mine, that sadly got lost at one point, but I found an old version of the song so here it is for yall! All of the MIDI was hand made, and took me days to make. The amount of harmonies and different elements amounts to more work than you would expect! The second half was origionally an expirimentation with reversing the MIDI, but it ended up sounding good enough that I left it in. The model for the cover art was completely done by me as well.

The SnowDrop City soundtrack

My Bandcamp

My Bandcamp is where I publish and sell most of my music. I have many albums even though I haven't made much music recently.

My Soundcloud

My SoundCloud is where I usually post drafts of my songs, or songs not released on my Bandcamp for many reasons.

My Other Music

Pigstep Remix

Honestly I'm not incredibly happy with this one, but I'll still give it some credit as it was one of my first remixes.

Jacksepticeye Scream Remix

I was pretty proud of this when I made it, I posted this to Reddit and it got some backing but nowhere enough to get it on meme time.